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Faery Tale:

"Faery Tale" is my version of a traditionally styled fairy tale, in a modern novel format. There just aren't enough fairy tales out there that are not either intended for children, short stories, or dumbed down the the most basic "fairy" themes... and many of the ones that are are just not worth reading. Fairies are not just for kids, and I don't feel like they get enough serious play in the fantasy genre. So this is a serious story, with serious themes, in a serious world... with fairies.



Plot Summary

The dance of the seasons from the eyes of a human is a simple, obvious thing. But if you take the time to know what you're looking at, you might find that among all the plain, boring, and normal, is the wild, strange, and unusual. A dew drop, for instance, is a simple, common thing. But sometimes dew drops shine with an unusual opalescent glow... and from those tiny, inconspicuous drops of dew, the summer fey are born.

Somewhere on the edge of a particularly old forest, lived a particularly old woman in a particularly old cabin. It was an unusual day in the very late autumn, when the winter winds blew earlier than normal and blanketed the old forest in snow. How strange it was to find a tiny child curled up in the cold... and stranger still as the child began to grow.

This was no normal child, and as spring was slowly ushered in the old woman named the child after the first flower that bloomed, Snowdrop. The girl was unusually pale, with bright white hair, and eyes that never seemed to be the same color.

Snowdrop enjoyed the summer, but she loved the autumn, and longed to see the winter. However she was a summer fey, and as the cold winds of winter began to blow she would be overcome with an inescapable drowsiness, and would inevitably fall into a deep, deep sleep.

Suddenly a plague of sleeplessness falls upon the small village, and the residents complain of being woken by horrible dreams. Night after night they are stricken, and even Snowdrops grandmother suffers from the dreams. There is a rumor that a Nightmare has come to prey on the village, but even to a fey, a Nightmare is a creature of myth. Snowdrop seems to be the only one left unaffected by the terrors, and soon the forest itself begins to suffer.The trees are dying, the animals disappearing... and it falls on Snowdrop to discover what is causing the nightmares.

When winter sets in, it often seems like a cold, lifeless season. However you might take a moment to look more closely, and see that among the normal snowflakes there are occasionally a few that glimmer with a strange opalescence...


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