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Ancient Idols
The Ancient Idols series is a collection of fairy tale inspired stories that takes place on the world of Eyrethia.

Fairy Tales have a particular way about them I have always enjoyed. I find that today's modern fantasy novels often lack the whimsy and unexpected nature of fairy tales. The Ancient Idols series is a large scale project that attempts to bring that particular quality of a traditional fairy tale, to the format of a modern novel.

While some of these stories are loose retellings of the classics, most are completely new tales that strive to reach that classic fairy tale feeling.




Eyrethia is currently divided into 39 territories and exists in what is known as the Age of Ascension There have been five ages in Eyrethia: The Age of Idols, The Age of Idolatry, The Age of Kings, The Age of Empires, and the Age of Ascension.

The Age of Idols refers to the time long before recorded history, and even before humans came to play a prevalent role on Eyrethia. This was a time when Eyrethia was ruled in chaos by the Idols; strange creatures of massive size, roaming and influencing the land. Through the Idols the world was populated by their offspring, bringing rise to animals, insects, sea life, and humans.

The Age of Idolatry marks the beginning of the worship of the Idols by early humans before recorded history. This was when humans began to carve the likenesses of Idols in wood and stone, and worship the Idol they sought to favor from. By this age it is supposed that the majority of the Ancient Idols were long gone.

The Age of Kings marks the period of time when humans began to form organized systems of government. Writing evolved beyond simple pictographs, and recorded history began. Humans were still scattered, and differed greatly in languages, customs, and technological advancement. There were hundreds of small Kingdoms scattered across the globe at this time, each culture centered around the patronism of a single Idol.

The Age of Empires began when some Kingdoms grew to vastly outmatch their neighboring peoples. A scramble for territory and power caused 8 of the Ancient Kingdoms to rise to greatness under the patronage of their Idols, completely destroying all other Kingdoms and regulating and enforcing Idol patronage.

The Age of Ascension marks the beginning of what is known as the great shift. A huge philosophical change spread across the world beginning with the Acreseon Empire when the King introduced an entirely new order to his Kingdom, radically changing the old ways by outlawing the slave trade, ending Idol regulation and persecution, and relinquishing the majority of his acquired territory to the peoples who lived there. Other Kingdoms either followed suit or suffered revolutions, and the changes led to a great expansion of wealth, knowledge, and quality of life in most areas.

There are 12 Idols recognized today in Eyrethia as living, breathing entities; remnants of the Age of Idols. In most places, Idol patronage is considered a personal affair, not limited to a single Idol. Even though Kingdoms, families, and households may have a designated patron, individuals often have a personal relationship with an Idol of their choosing, largely in part to the Acreseon King, Some Idol patronage however is not tolerated in many Kingdoms due to the nature of the Idol itself. Most Idols are neutral or good in nature, but some are not, and those who patronize them are criminalized in many Kingdoms.

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