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About the Author


Erin Ewer graduated from the Rocky Mountain College of Art + Design in 2008 with a Bachelors of Fine Arts Degree in Illustration. After moving to the east coast in 2009 and founding Liquid Fae Studios in 2011, she began writing as a creative exercise in order to sort through a series of troubling dreams that still affected her from her teenage years. With the encouragement of the online community that followed her artwork, that writing quickly turned into the novel, "The Lord of Shadows".

Never intending to publish, she was urged by friends and fans to turn "The Lord of Shadows" into a hardcopy book, and the stand alone book into a series. As she continued with The Lord of Shadows Series, more and more books were born, and the Artist turned Author continues to write and illustrate her stories to share with the world.

Check out Liquid Fae Studios for Erin's original fantasy watercolors, illustration projects, and more!

"The most important thing to me as an Artist and Author is to inspire creativity in others, and make the world seem just a little less lonely. My proudest moments are when people approach me to say I have inspired them to either write or draw, or that I gave them the courage to pursue their dreams." -Erin E. Ewer

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